Reblog if you think its ok Not to have a religion


I’m doing a little experiment.

I’m going to see how many people agree with me that beliefs are YOUR choice and you CANNOT control them.

And if this gets enough notes, I’m going to show this to my Muslim family.

Three seconds.
It doesn’t take much for one little reblog.

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carellyep: #glee #darrencriss #chriscolfer #balloons #blainandkurt #kurthummel #blainanderson

carellyep: #glee #darrencriss #chriscolfer #balloons #blainandkurt #kurthummel #blainanderson

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here for brown girls, queer girls, shy girls, bi girls, trans girls, poly girls, disabled girls, loud girls, anarchist girls, riot girls, my girls, the quiet girls - the silent girls, the heart-too-big for their body girls, fat girls, nerdy girls, sexy girls, messy girls, can’t-cook-to-save-their-gramma girls, proud girls, masculine girls, rowdy girls, girly girls, naughty girls, angry girls, surviving/recovering girls, healing girls, don’t-need-saving girls

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Retirement (

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fan challenge - five manga: tokyo babylon (1/5)

66. CLAMP is…


… when the love of your life hopes to die not by your side, but by your hand.

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Season 3 // poster series

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If you’re interested in Sherlock’s transcripts, this is the site for you!